Our window tinting service covers all of Cleveland and we have clients in the surrounding counties including North Yorkshire and Tyne and Wear.

MAS can apply window tinting film for most applications. Some of these are car window tinting, office, UV and bomb protection and house hold security along with many others.

Some of the applications are security minded for example tinting the windows of a car not only decreases the amount of UV light and heat that enters but increases the strength of the glass. Making it very difficult for a thief to break the window and enter the vehicle.

Car Window Tinting
Not only as a security application, tinting the windows of a car can give many benefits, for instance it will prolong the life of the interior drastically reducing the fading of materials and plastics in the car. It will also keep the interior of the car cooler in the summer months as the amount of UV light and infra red radiation is reduced keeping the car cooler. Not only do you benefit in these ways but there is also all important personal privacy as tinted windows are considerably more difficult to see in.

Have the full car tinted or maybe just the rear windows.

We also have the facility to tint the lights on your car. The film we use is fully legal and your vehicle will not fail an MOT because of the light tint.

We can collect your vehicle from your place of work and it will be fully and comprehensively insured while it is in our care. If the services you want to have done will take a long time, you will not be left without a vehicle, we will supply you with a loan vehicle for the period we have your vehicle.

Commercial Tinting.

The various tinting films available can be used in many ways, not only on vehicles. For instance you could have a mirror finish on your conservatory, keeping the conservatory cooler in intense sunlight but also increasing the longevity of your furniture or carpet.

Maybe your office has walls which are prodominantly glass, you could enjoy a cooler office, making it a much nicer environment to work in as well as increasing the lifetime of office equipment such as computers, photocopiers and printers.